Artificial Intelligence

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Basic implementations of a neural network, naive bayes classifier, and decision tree algorithm as discussed in Stony Brook University's CSE 352: Artificial Intelligence and CSE 353: Machine Learning courses.

Wolfie Script

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Simple scripting language defined with the assistance of PLY (Python Lex-Yacc) for Stony Brook University's CSE 307 Principles of Programming Languages course.


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Donable is a donor management system that uses a Java-powered desktop application and a MySQL backend to store donation records and associate them with donors.

Nonprofits using this software will be able to query for donors or donations by amount, date, campaign donated through, or project donated to. Users can also export CSV files for use in Microsoft Mail Merge, allowing for template mailings of annual tax reports for donors and for solicitations.

Donable's main purpose is to aid in the decision making process of organizations, answering questions such as "Which are our most popular projects?" and "Through which campaigns (e.g. holiday mailer) do we receive the best response?"


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Savable is a personal finance program that uses a Java-powered desktop application and locally saved JSON files to manage profiles for one's cash flow and tax liability. Savable was made to give people granular level view over their income and expenses by letting people enter and categorize their spending which happens on a recurring basis.

Individuals and families using this software can create profiles and compare hypothetical scenarios to see whether complicated personal finance decisions leave them better or worse off when it comes to average monthly income and at tax time. For example, Savable looks at the Advanced Premium Tax Credit and shows how changing 401(k) contributions or a pay raise will affect individual and family Affordable Care Act healthcare subsidy, and whether repayment of subsidy will be necessary in April.